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Founded in Northern Illinois, The Team Louie fishing community has been a role model since 2015. Originally the team started off with just a few local team members but quickly grew nationwide. Our mission is to actively promote the sport of fishing to new fishermen along with cleaning up the waterways we fish on. We encourage our team members to become role models within their community; contact us today to help you organize shoreline cleanups or other local events in your area.

To schedule an event in your area or to share photos of you taking action please contact Louie at [email protected].

By the Numbers

Share your cleanup photos/details [email protected]

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Waterways Managed
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More Than Fishermen

Striving for greatness

Within the team we encourage our members to step outside the normality of simply being a fishermen and broaden their impact within the team itself. This is done by giving members various roles that will not only help strengthen the team internally but provide them with crucial experience. Team members acquire various experience in leadership, environmental efforts, and fishing. Roles within the team are simply an opportunity for those looking to take further action within the team and are not required by any means.Β 

Some of the key roles within Team Louie are:

  • Conservationist: a person who advocates or acts for the protection and preservation of the environment and wildlife. This role is given to those who wish to help maintain the waterways we fish on by taking the appropriate steps of aquatic life preservational efforts. Preservational efforts may include shoreline cleanups, promotion of catch release fishing, and harvesting when its environmentally needed.Β 
  • Mentor: a knowledgeable angler who shares their techniques and skills with other fishermen. Mentors often provide fellow team members essential advice and knowledge within the Team Louie Facebook Group.Β 
  • Endorser: a member who actively promotes the Team Louie mission, vision, and values to fellow anglers. Endorsers are crucial advocates for the growth and national reach of the fishing team.Β 

Recognized Team Members

Recognized for leadership in the community


Donny Collins Kenansville,FL

Team Louie Member


Rob Palminator Spotsylvania,VA

Team Louie Member


Leland Lance Wood North Stonington,CT

Team Louie Member

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