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FAQ - Louies Lures

Frequently Asked Questions

We are always here to help

Frequently Asked Questions

Answers to Common Questions about Louie's Lures Products and Services

Current and existing customers of Louie’s Lures who wish to become members of our Pro Team should send an email to


All lures and baits on our website are either handcrafted from scratch or custom painted. Exclusions to this may  include; terminal tackle, lure body blanks, and other accessories. 


At this time, we may be able to accommodate custom order requests for soft plastic baits. However, there is a minimal order quantity of 25 packs for custom orders. If you would like to request custom variations of a specific lure, please contact us to discuss the details and availability. We will do our best to accommodate your request, but please note that custom orders may be subject to additional fees and longer lead times.

Please be aware that all orders of handcrafted lures and baits are made to order. We give most of our artisan vendors a 10 business day allowance to handcraft & paint all tackle. From there standard shipping times do apply. PLEASE NOTE: When placing an order that contains products from multiple vendors you may receive multiple shipments. This is because all orders are handcrafted to order by various craftsman.

Have further questions related to your order? Contact us.


Initially once you have submitted an inquiry to join Team Louie it may take 24 – 48 hours for a response. From there we will send you a questionnaire to be filled out. Once we have received the completed questionnaire it may take 1 to 3 business days for a final decision. In total this process can take anywhere from 2 to 4 business days on average.


Events can be formed around the United States based off of how many team members are in the general area. Contact Louie for more information.


How do I become an Affiliate Marketer for Louie’s Lures?

You can easily become an affiliate member by submitting your information via our online form. CLICK HERE

When do I receive my commission payout?

Commissions are paid once the order(s) are in completed status. A completed status means the customer has received the product(s). Once it is in a completed status you will be sent a PayPal payment that following Friday.

What methods are used to receive commission payout?

We currently only use PayPal as a means for payout. However, upon request, we can provide you with a virtual gift card.  Gift cards have a minimum payout of $5.00. 

If I request to have a custom coupon code how much percentage off will it be valid for?

Custom coupon codes may be given upon request, these codes give 5% off the customer’s total order. 

Are there products that I cannot earn commission from?

Currently, you cannot earn a commission when customers order virtual gift cards via our website. 


How can I start bidding on auctions?

Users will need to register or login with their account along with having a stored credit card on file in order to bid which can be found under your user dashboard

How does Shipping Work?

Upon winning an auction you will be charged a $3.00 shipping & handling charge along with the winning auction bid amount. Each lot will be shipped via Standard USPS which is generally 2-5 days. 

What happens if the reserve price is not met? 

Some auctions may have a reserve price set, when the highest bid amount does not meet the reserve price then the auction will restart upon a further date. 

What if I accidently bid the wrong amount? 

You can retract a bid if you accidently bid the wrong amount. For example, you meant to bid $20, not $200. In this case, enter the price you intended to bid as soon as you’ve retracted the incorrect bid. 


We are always here to help!

If you have any questions or need to speak with someone please visit our Contact Us page to get in touch with someone. We look forward to helping answer all of your questions. Thank you for supporting Louie’s Lures!