Our Story

where it all started


Louie's Grandfather

Louie was born and raised in a small northern Illinois town called Lindenhurst. From a young age, he developed a passion for fishing and spent every spare moment he had on the water. 


In 2015, Louie decided to turn his hobby into a business and founded Louie’s Lures. His goal was simple: to bring high quality, American made fishing lures to the consumer market at an affordable price.

Since then, Louie’s Lures has grown from a small, one-man operation to a successful brand with a team of over 13,000 anglers. Despite this growth, Louie has stayed true to his roots, maintaining the small-town values that he grew up with.



Louie fishing with his father

One of the things that sets Louie’s Lures apart from the competition is the wide range of unique baits and colors that they offer. From stick baits to ned worms to their revolutionary new core shot technology, Louie’s Lures has something for every angler.


But Louie’s Lures is more than just a fishing lure brand. They are committed to doing their part to protect and preserve the waterways that they love. That’s why they sponsor numerous shoreline cleanup events across the country and encourage their team members to get involved in their local communities.



Louie's Brother and Father

Over the years, Louie’s Lures has formed strong bonds with passionate anglers from all over the nation. These relationships have helped them grow their business and make a positive impact in the world of fishing.


Today, Louie’s Lures is a thriving brand that is loved by anglers all across America. And with Louie at the helm, they will continue to innovate and create high quality products for years to come.