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The Tale of Louie

where it all started


Louie's Grandfather

Born in a small, American rural town, Louie was used to watching his father and grandfather use their skills in the wood-shop. Both his father and grandfather were exceptional woodworkers, who specialized in artisan furniture. With their gifted hands and love of exotic wood, they created exceptional work. However, Fishing was a day-to-day relaxation after a long day in the hot workshop. Louie was fascinated by his grandfather and father’s craftsmanship. 


After watching them fish, Louie wondered if there was a way to combine both these hobbies that his father and grandfather loved. He began to try making lures from wood.Fishing was a way of life, and they both taught him the art of handcrafting artisan wooden lures from a very young age. 


Louie fishing with his father

Every Saturday, Louie’s family would go fishing on lake content, in St. Germain Wisconsin.. That is where Louie began mastering the sport of fishing. Often, Louie would watch his grandfather who was conservationist, he would clean up the shorelines of any debris or garbage that washed up. His grandfather took great importance in preserving the waters and had taught this to Louie at a young age. Louie joined his grandfather on these fishing weekends, cleaning the shorelines whenever he saw debris or garbage. As he got older, he dedicated his life to preserving the waters for future generations.


Louie's Brother and Father

Word of Louie’s fishing skills had begun to spread around town. Impressed, local townspeople began asking Louie how they too could become better anglers, which prompted Louie to invite folks to join him on his fishing adventures. Louie always brought his artisan handcrafted lures to his fishing events. His handcrafted lures had begun to gain popularity during these events. His handcrafted work lured in giant fish and everyone around wanted one of their own giant fish.