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2.75 Inch Ned Worm Core Shot (8 count)


At Louie’s Lures, we are an American company that specializes in creating top-notch soft plastic baits. Our baits are designed to have fluid movement in the water and attract fish to bite, making them great for experienced fishermen, tournament anglers, and even those new to the sport. We are dedicated to excellence and take great care in the production of our baits, ensuring that they will enhance your fishing experience, no matter your skill level.



(20 customer reviews)

These 2.75 Inch Ned Worm Core Shots go above and beyond a normal plain jane ned worm. These feature a semi-transparent exterior with a vibrant core which helps when light reflects through the exterior shell and into the core of the bait.

These baits are made from soft floating plastic. 


Master Craftsman: On the spot baits

Ideal for: Panfish, Largemouth Bass, Smallmouth Bass, Striped Bass, Northern Pike, and Muskellunge

Quantity: 8 count

Length: 2.75 inches

Color Options

Peanut Butter & Jelly, Red/Orange, Smoked Navy Blue, Watermelon Red, Chartreuse, Icy Chartreuse, Smoked Blue, Green Pumpkin/Orange, Cosmic, Vampire Red/Black, Blue Ice, Firefly, Trout, Smoked Navy Purple

20 reviews for 2.75 Inch Ned Worm Core Shot (8 count)

  1. stephen waddingham (verified owner)

  2. Domenic Eno (verified owner)

  3. john goodell (verified owner)

    Fantastic color, looking for some stained water to check this color out

  4. Sean Dwyer (verified owner)

  5. Aaron S. (verified owner)

  6. Tylor Holmes (verified owner)

  7. kenneth fuller (verified owner)

  8. David Watanabe (verified owner)

  9. Dennis DeBono (verified owner)

  10. Gavin Nichols (verified owner)

    Did receive and have caught a few bass on them

  11. GROSS, RICH (verified owner)

    Smallmouth love these!

  12. Lloyd M. (verified owner)

    Love the look to these, haven’t been able to fish them yet but I am sure they will get the job done.

  13. Anthony L. (verified owner)

  14. Emily Gryske (verified owner)

    I’ve caught fish on them and they are very durable and work great.

  15. Emily Gryske (verified owner)

    Loved them and so did the fish durable for catching many fish.

  16. marvin roberts (verified owner)

  17. Rondall Bowling (verified owner)

  18. Grant (verified owner)

  19. michael schmitt (verified owner)

  20. Don Durose (verified owner)

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