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5 Inch Double Tap (7 Pack)

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At Louie’s Lures, we are an American company that specializes in creating top-notch soft plastic baits. Our baits are designed to have fluid movement in the water and attract fish to bite, making them great for experienced fishermen, tournament anglers, and even those new to the sport. We are dedicated to excellence and take great care in the production of our baits, ensuring that they will enhance your fishing experience, no matter your skill level.



The Double Tap stick bait is designed to give a different wobble to the conventional wacky rig. Created from the industrial Taps from a Tap and Die set. At five inches this bait is perfect for the finicky fish. Though it’s modeled for a  wacky style bait there is no wrong way to rig it. You could even throw it on a light shaky head, Texas Rig, or even Carolina rig it.


Master Craftsman: Bass Reaper Bait Co

Ideal for: Largemouth Bass, Smallmouth Bass, Striped Bass, Northern Pike, and Walleye

Quantity: 7 count

Length: 5 inches

Weight: 4.00 oz per pack


Color Options

420, Black/Blue Flake, Gobylicious, Midnight, Cherry Bomb, Watermelon Red Flake, Green Pumpkin, Redrum


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