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Louie’s Lures – The Jester’s Cousin Laminate Stick Baits - Louies Lures

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Louie’s Lures – The Jester’s Cousin Laminate Stick Baits

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At Louie’s Lures, we are an American company that specializes in creating top-notch soft plastic baits. Our baits are designed to have fluid movement in the water and attract fish to bite, making them great for experienced fishermen, tournament anglers, and even those new to the sport. We are dedicated to excellence and take great care in the production of our baits, ensuring that they will enhance your fishing experience, no matter your skill level.



Unveiling “The Jester’s Cousin,” the lovably bungling entry in the soft plastic fishing bait family. Although it might lack the smoothness of its kin, this bait more than compensates with its distinctive allure and undeniable charm.

“The Jester’s Cousin” sports a radiant blue laminate stripe, exuding an ambiance of cheerfulness, albeit with a hint of awkwardness. Its bold hue mirrors its uninhibited spirit, daring to distinguish itself and make a stir in the angling world. The semi-translucent upper and lower body inject a dash of whimsy, offering a peek into its roguish persona. Bedecked with a blend of blue and green flake, this bait is a visual spectacle that no fish can resist.

Despite its klutzy manner, “The Jester’s Cousin” has a knack for intriguing fish in its unique style. Its laminate pattern deflects light in unpredictable trajectories, orchestrating a tumultuous ballet underwater that captivates even the most cautious aquatic dwellers. While it may lack the smoothness of its kin, this bait counteracts with its inherent ability to spark genuine curiosity and incite playful reactions from fish.

Embrace the playful spirit of “The Jester’s Cousin” and embark on a fishing journey brimming with laughter and unforeseen surprises. Its slightly clumsy movements introduce an element of unpredictability, keeping both you and the fish intrigued. Gear up for an amusing and joyous fishing encounter like no other.

Release your inner jester and allow “The Jester’s Cousin” to guide you on a fantastical expedition. Accept its delightful clumsiness and relish the joy of pulling in fish with a bait that brings a smile with each catch. Fishing is supposed to be fun, and “The Jester’s Cousin” is here to underline that with each cast.

Therefore, dispel any apprehensions and embrace the enchantment of “The Jester’s Cousin” as your dependable fishing comrade. Prepare for a delightful and amusing fishing adventure, teeming with giggles, surprises, and unforgettable catches.

These baits are made from soft floating plastic

Master Craftsman: Louie’s Lures

Ideal for: PanfishLargemouth Bass, Smallmouth Bass, Striped Bass, and Northern Pike

Length: 5 inches

Pack Options

Single Pack (6 count), Tournament Sack (50 count)


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