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Louie’s Lures – Limited Edition 1776 Bundle (2 Packs+Decal)


FOR A LIMITED TIME ONLY! OFFERED FROM July 4th to July 31st only.

  The Louie's Lures FREEDOM and LIBERTY BELL Stick Baits present two unique colors in one bundle along with a Louie's Lures Bass Decal. The Freedom stick bait features a semi-clear exterior shell with a blue inner core/tips and red, white, and blue flake. The Liberty Bell stick bait features a bronzed exterior shell with a Black inner core to symbolize the crack on the side of the bell. These stick baits offer exceptional action and durability, perfect for Wacky and Weighted Texas rigging!       What's included:  
  •  1x Freedom Stick Bait Pack (6 count)
  •  1x Liberty Bell Stick Bait Pack (6 count)
  •  1x USA Flag Bass Decal 3"x2.77" (Water Resistant, UV Proof, Scratch Resistant)
  •  1x Burlap Storage Bag

These baits will only be offered for the dates stated above and will be reintroduced next July 4th for the remaining month of July 2023.


These baits are made from soft floating plastic.

      Master Craftsman: Louie's Lures   Ideal for: Panfish, Largemouth Bass, Smallmouth Bass and Striped Bass   Quantity: 12 count total baits (6 of each color) and 1 Louie's Lures Largemouth Bass Decal with USA Flag.   Length: 5 inches

Test Run #28 | “5 Stick Bait Worms | Limited Edition

Dive into a rare fishing experience with our “Test Run #28” Stick Bait, exclusively from Louie’s Lures! Limited to just