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Louie’s Lures – Shad Laminate Stick Baits

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At Louie’s Lures, we are an American company that specializes in creating top-notch soft plastic baits. Our baits are designed to have fluid movement in the water and attract fish to bite, making them great for experienced fishermen, tournament anglers, and even those new to the sport. We are dedicated to excellence and take great care in the production of our baits, ensuring that they will enhance your fishing experience, no matter your skill level.



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The 5 Inch Laminate Stick Bait in Smoky Pearl, featuring minnow flake and black flake, accurately mirrors the shad’s unique black dot pattern. Crafted to echo the lifelike motions and aesthetics of shad, this bait fish’s high demand during the shad run season makes this worm an optimal choice for targeting bass during this period.

The shad run season offers a thrilling experience for anglers as it marks the period when shad swim upstream towards their spawning locations. During this migration, bass actively hunt shad, rendering them an opportune target for fishing enthusiasts. The 5 Inch Laminate Stick Bait in Smoky Pearl is an ideal lure for this situation, designed to mimic shad, boosting its effectiveness during the shad run season.

Our worm is fabricated using superior quality materials, incorporating minnow flake and black flake to mimic the shad’s authentic color patterns. The smoky pearl color offers an extra layer of realism, while the laminate layers enhance visibility and the bait‘s appeal in the water. This blend of colors and flakes dramatically heightens the worm’s visibility to bass, raising the likelihood of a strike.

The preferred setup method for the 5 Inch Laminate Stick Bait is the wacky rig, enabling the worm to replicate the live worm’s movements in water. This versatile worm can also be rigged using other methods such as Texas rigged or weightless, contingent on the fishing conditions.

In conclusion, the 5 Inch Laminate Stick Bait in Smoky Pearl, featuring minnow flake and black flake to mirror the shad, proves to be a powerful lure during the shad run season. Its superior quality materials and authentic color patterns make it an essential item for any angler focusing on bass during this exciting season. Place your order now and revel in the exhilaration of bass fishing during the shad run season!

These baits are made from soft floating plastic

Master Craftsman: Louie’s Lures

Ideal for: PanfishLargemouth Bass, Smallmouth Bass, Striped Bass, and Northern Pike

Length: 5 inches

Pack Options

Single Pack (6 count), Tournament Sack (50 count)


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